Wine Class



AUGUST | Wines of Down Under

APRIL | Continental Divide

MAY | The Judgment of Paris

JUNE | Italian


Join us for our monthly wine classes! These fun and informal classes are your opportunity to explore different wines from different parts of the world, all under the guidance and knowledge of the Quad Cities only Certified Specialist of Wine. Our wine classes include:

- Between 9 & 11 global wines, presented side by side in multiple tasting flights
- A sophisticated and unique food pairing for each wine flight
- A new wine topic every month
- A collaboration of tasting and learning with a full multimedia presentation of the wine’s you’re tasting (region, history, fun facts, etc.)

Our in-house wine curator, Tony Morales, is the Quad Cities only Certified Specialist of Wine. His deep knowledge of every aspect of wine paired with this enthusiasm for teaching others creates the perfect environment for those that are brand new to wine or experienced wine drinkers. Working together closely since 2016, Faithful Pilot Owner, Robert Day, and Tony have been curating and creating unique tasting and dining experiences at the restaurant in Le Claire, at special events, and at in-home private tastings. Follow Tony on Instagram for wine facts, new releases, and news!

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